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You only get so far on your own.

One way or another we need help to reach our goal, that’s why it’s vital to hire a certified in-home personal trainer.

Our in-home trainer programs are suitable for any age and fitness level.

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Top Tips for Finding a Personal Trainer!

1.What Do You Want?

Take note of the requirements you’d like for a trainer to have.

Do you want a Jillian Michaels kind of trainer? A meal plan as well? How convenient are they and their services?

Most importantly, make sure they are qualified and trained to meet your specific needs

2.Turn Offs

What do you not want in a personal trainer?

You’ll be seeing this person many times in a week so you want someone who you know is committed to your goals as much as you are.

Some “turn-offs” we recommend:
No qualifications or experience
No testimonials
Too strict
Lack of professionalism

3.Cherry on Top

These are the little extra things that would help you to really appreciate and enjoy the training.

Such as provided recipes, incorporating activities you enjoy such as yoga into the sessions, giving you bite-sized information about fitness and nutrition so it’s not overwhelming.

4. Find a Personal Trainer in Your Area

Search the web for local In-home trainers and look at their websites.

From there, you’ll get a sense of what they offer and you can compare and contrast as you continue your search.

5. Are They Qualified?

And is the company reputable? Look for proof by looking at reviews, testimonials, and contact their customer service.

Make a List

Contact the company/trainer. Let them know what you’re looking for and get a quote.

Most importantly, make sure you feel comfortable talking to them!

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6.Book a Taster Session

Most places will allow you to do this without having to buy a package.

You should be able to have a trial session to get an idea of what working with a personal trainer is like.

If they push you to buy a package,  before you even get to do a trial then look elsewhere!

7. How was the Session?

Did they listen to your needs? Did they push you just enough?

Go back to your list of “wants” and see if the trainer meets them.

If you feel confident and excited to get started then you found your trainer!

If you felt the total opposite, simply say thank you and return back to your list to book another sample session with another trainer until you find the right one for you.

Get ready to invest in yourself and your health!

Through this process, you’ll have a much clearer picture of what type of personal trainer you’re looking for.

Contact us below to work with a Certified In Home Trainer on our team!

happy customer
Karen. C
February 17, 2021

*I was able to shed body fat, and improve my strength with inhometrainer’s in home personal trainer programs. If you’re looking for accountability and motivation then I highly recommend inhometrainer and their amazing team of in home personal trainers. Please note results may vary.

weight loss customer testimonial
Sam & Angela
September 2, 2020

Dear inhometrainer, My husband and I cannot say enough about the program! The hardest part was getting started. Once we made the decision to get back into shape, the in-home trainer helped us achieve our goal weight. We could not have done it alone, and going to a gym was inconvenient and intimidating. Without the […]

testimonial from customer living with MS
Barbara. C

My name is Barbara. I have lived with multiple sclerosis for over 40 years and have type 1 diabetes.  When I joined inhometrainer I was anxious because I didn’t know whether I could do “the program”. I learned very quickly that “the program” was about me and my abilities! My trainers Serge and Mike challenge […]

weight loss happy customer
Robert. F
February 17, 2021

Thanks to inhometrainer I have lost 55 lbs and I’ down to 12% body fat! I think better! I feel more energized too! I am now skiing, snowshoeing, and cycling…and having a riot doing it! I have a more positive attitude on life! I also feel and my friends tell me I look 20 years […]

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