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7  facts about gym workouts for women that you need to know

When it comes to working out, knowledge really is power. An in-home personal trainer for females can pave the way for the body of your dreams. If you are clued up about your training and you understand why you are doing certain things you will stay motivated and stay on track with your goals. Let us share with you 7 facts about working out that will benefit all you ladies who either train at home or in the gym. Firstly, I would like to start by debunking a myth or two…

1. Weight/resistance workouts do not make women ‘big and bulky’ 

One of the main things an in-home personal trainer for females will tell you is that weights don’t make you huge. The question most ladies email and ask is “I want to weight train but I don’t want to get big and bulky”. Ladies, it’s a myth. Weight training as a gym workout for women does not make you big and bulky at all, it molds and defines your shape sculpting your muscles. It’s about breaking muscle fibers then refueling them with protein so they grow back with shape and definition. Every girl wants that ‘bubble butt’ and we can assure you this isn’t achieved by doing excessive cardio, it’s achieved by lifting heavy weights to grow and tone the area. 

2. Eat at least an hour before your gym workout for your body to use the fuel efficiently

Eating right before a workout can give you stomach cramps and even make you feel a little sick. Your body needs a steady flow of fuel to power you through a workout so the best time to eat is at least an hour before. This way your body will be able to utilize the carbohydrates you have consumed and take advantage of the nutrients and vitamins from your food. Home workouts for women will be much more effective when meals are timed around workouts. 

3. Using BCAA’s during your workout will protect and enhance muscle growth

When an in-home personal trainer for females partakes in resistance training or a challenging cardio session they will likely use a scoop of BCAA in water. They do this because they are extremely beneficial and you should be using them too! BCAA stands for branch chain amino acids and these are the building blocks of protein synthesis. Instead of travelling directly to the liver BCAA’s tend to be spared and get sent directly to your muscles, your muscles can then use the BCAA’s directly for fuel or to build and repair those muscle fibres. Your muscles grow and repair by sticking together the branch chain amino acids you consume via supplementation or your diet in order to make more protein. Using BCAA’s in your water while you do cardio, especially if you want to lose weight and keep your tone is one of the best things you can do and this is a predominant part of my contest prep. 

4.Cardio is a necessary evil for weight loss

Sorry ladies, this is true. Resistance builds muscle tone and cardio sheds body fat. In order to get that beautifully sculpted look it’s essential you incorporate cardio into your training regime. Not only does it help to enhance your cardiovascular fitness and health in general; it burns off that stubborn body fat more effectively. The best way to incorporate cardio is to build it up gradually, starting with 20 minutes 3 x a week then after 3 weeks build it up to 30 minutes 3 x a week then after 8 weeks build it up to 45 minutes 3 x a week. The reason for this is your body can hit a cardio plateau where in simple terms, it gets used to doing it. It’s best to keep pushing your body to keep burning the calories. 

5.Gym workouts for women can be home gym workouts too 

In-home personal trainers for females get a lot of emails from ladies asking if all is lost because they cant get to a gym regularly or at all and my answer is always DEFINITELY NOT! It is a fact that you can have a highly effective workout from the comfort of your own home too. Understandably, many women often feel a little overwhelmed when entering gyms or have a busy work/study life and time doesn’t quite permit it. The good news is that there isn’t much you can’t do with a good dumbbell set at home. You can exercise your whole body with some dumbbells and ideally a pre-loaded barbell. When it comes to cardio there are a vast array of home cardio pieces you can enjoy or simply take advantage of your surroundings and go out for a run or walk, or if you are brave take advantage of your stairs!

6. You are dehydrated and you don’t know it

This is a common problem we hear about almost every day; “my stomach is growling a lot and I’m hungry through my workout even though I ate”. The first thing we ask is “how much water have you consumed” because this is usually the problem, it’s nowhere near enough. Dehydration is all too common in the gym and you should be increasing your water intake considerably if you are training regularly. You need to drink 1.5-2 liters of water a day if you workout regularly. 

7. Yes, there are specific exercises for sexy curves

It is a fact that certain exercises help to enhance your beautiful feminine curves! The squat is the best lower body exercise to sculpt your glutes and tone your thighs. You can do bodyweight squats or use a barbell or dumbbells to add weight to progress the squat further. To add balance to your upper body a particular favorite is the lat raise to sculpt your shoulders giving you that beautiful rounded look. So when it comes to gym workouts for women you can indeed tailor them to enhance your natural curves!

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