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If you would like to shed body fat, increase muscle size, improve your flexibility and receive the expert guidance and accountability of an in home personal trainer then rest assured we can help you!

Our in home personal trainers are 100 certified and also hold our additional in home trainer certification.

Boston Personal Trainer

Some of the benefits include:

  • Over 20,000 In home personal training sessions completed and counting
  • Meal Plans and nutrition plans to ensure results
  • Personalized program cards with photo and video
  • Certified in home trainer in Toronto Guaranteed
  • Full fitness assessments and nutrition counseling included
  • Secure Account Login to view your programs, measurements and more
  • in home trainer Toronto Rewards Program
  • No Equipment is necessary
  • Programs that are proven to shed body fat, increase flexibility and strengthen your body

We choose only the best and most qualified personal trainers to work with us. All of our trainers are 100% certified and also hold our additional in home trainer certification.

To get started quickly we recommend filling out the form provided and you will be contacted shortly by a certified in home trainer in Boston.

At in home trainer Boston we provide in home personal training, condo personal training, office personal training, boot camps, kids personal training and more.

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Want to know more about personal training at home?

The likelihood is that it hasn’t crossed your mind, or even if it has perhaps you dismissed it as an ‘unnecessary luxury’, only for rockstars and actors. Of course this is a myth, with many regular people today opting to have a Personal Trainer come to them at their house. But why?

The Benefits of Having a Personal Trainer at Your House

It may interest you to know that having a Personal Trainer at your house is in fact often more affordable than working with a Personal Trainer at the gym!

This is because when a Trainer comes to visit you at home they are not affiliated to any gym, therefore the cost of using that gym space does not have to be paid, either by the client in gym membership fees, or by the Trainer themselves who will then pass the cost on to the client.

Having a Personal Trainer come to your house puts you in control and gives you total flexibility. It’s incredibly convenient and works with your schedule. This is excellent, removing a barrier for you if you are very busy and don’t get time to exercise. It’s ideal for people with children who cannot get to the gym due to childcare issues.

When you work with a Personal Trainer at your house you enjoy peace and quiet that you simply wouldn’t get at the gym or leisure centre. Gyms are full of hustle and bustle and they lack privacy. This may be particularly important to you if you lack confidence, are shy or if you are new to exercise. It may also be a far better option for you if you are disabled as gyms are not always set up to be fully accessible.

At the gym you will often have to compete with the local muscle heads to use the equipment you want. When you train at home there is no queuing for equipment, which is a real time waster, or sitting in anyone else’s sweat! Working out at home tends to be a more comfortable experience.

Finally you will receive a level of individualized attention and focus that you might not experience at the gym. The focus is on you and your needs with no distractions.

What Happens In a Typical Session With a Trainer at Your House?

Just like when you work with a Personal Trainer at the gym you will start with a consultation to discuss what you want to get out of your sessions (your goals) followed by an assessment. The Trainer will design an exercise program especially tailored to you to ensure that you successfully reach your goals.

A typical session then will usually be an hour long. You will start with a warmup followed by the main workout, which will usually include some form of cardio exercise and some muscular strengthening or toning (depending on what you are looking to achieve). You will finish with a cool down and stretch.

The sessions are enjoyable and personalized, so the exercise is pitched at just the right level to challenge you while still making it manageable. Sessions are tailored and adapted to suit your specific fitness level.

If there is a particular type or style of exercise you would like to try you can simply ask your Trainer who will be happy to oblige. Some people even opt to do their workout outside, in the area surrounding their home. There are plenty of options for how to exercise, the choice is yours.

So Why Not Just Work Out at Home By Myself?

The truth is that as humans we all have good intentions, however, when push comes to shove and daily life kicks in, many of these good intentions fall by the wayside. If you have ever set a New Year’s resolution you know this to be true.

Here is the fact of the matter – If you were going to work out by yourself at home you would already be doing it.

The majority of people simply won’t workout if left to their own devices at home. It’s natural – We lead busy lives and there are a lot of distractions. Having a Personal Trainer come to you at your house will ensure that you workout. You will follow a schedule and your Trainer will hold you accountable.

Having a Personal Trainer at home gives you everything you would get at the gym plus more, in the comfort of your own home.
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Start your search?

When you are looking for a Boston Personal Trainer the first thing you will notice is that there is plenty of choice.

However it pays to bear in mind that not all Personal Trainers are created equal. When choosing your Trainer in this city, as in any location, it is a good idea to have a solid idea about what you are looking for.

For example would you like a Personal Trainer who pushes you hard, boot camp style? Or are you looking for someone who is motivating without being too militant? Perhaps you prefer to train with a woman Personal Trainer. Or perhaps you are looking for an in home personal trainer that can come to you!

Also, as you undertake your search for your Personal Trainer, come armed with a list of your goals. What are you looking to get out of your training sessions. Are you looking to lose weight, tone up, gain muscles or burn body fat? Do you want to train for a marathon, improve at a particular sport or are you simply looking to improve your overall fitness? Perhaps you have a health problem that exercise can help. Maybe you are looking for the convenience of having the Trainer come to you in your home.

Either way, have your list of requirements to hand when you do your search.

A fascinating and little known fact about Boston is that it is home to the oldest public park in the U.S.

If you are ready to find your Personal Trainer in Boston, why not give us a try.

We can come to you and we have a team of Personal Trainers so there is bound to be a Trainer who is right for you on the team.

All of our personal trainers hold a major certification, have done their schooling and have a wealth of experience personal training in home.

Contact us using the contact form below to get started today!

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