The Personal Trainer Prison

In this world there exists two places of near identical physical layout.

They both have grassy fields. Perhaps some basketball courts and some bars to play around on. They have fences surrounding them and you are not allowed to leave.

They are the prison and the playground.

What’s this got to do with training? Let me explain…

While a prison and a playground have very similar layouts, they are viewed in completely different ways.

The prisoner is surrounded by fences and cannot leave the premises. He feels caged in, like the world is holding him back from his true desires. He looks around and sees all of the opportunities that he doesn’t have.

The child on the playground however has a different view. He looks out at the field and the fences and sees endless opportunity. He sees the jungle gym as his Rocket Ship. He doesn’t see an empty field, he sees a perfect place to play tag.

While the child is allowed to go home at the end of the day, he cannot leave until then. He is also caged in. But in no way does he feel like it.

So what’s the correlation? What does this have to do with personal training?

Here it is. 

When you are struggling with working too much for too little pay, you view the world as a place of restriction. A place of lack. You see fences and guards.

When you become your own boss and sign your own pay cheques (for 100% of your hourly training rate) you see the world as your playground.

When you become the owner or your own personal training business, you can do whatever you want.

The world is truly yours.

You can be yourself. Your best self. You don’t have to hold back and you don’t have to have regrets. You can live life at full speed.

Right now you are effectively driving a car with two feet. You are hitting the gas pedal AND the brakes.

Now, if you actually did that in your car, you would realize that it’s stupid.

So why do so many people live their life that way?

You need to learn how to stop pressing the brakes.

I can show you that. That’s the whole point of this rant…to show you what’s possible. You don’t have to see the world as a cage. It can be your playground.

Perception and belief are everything.

That’s why I think you should check out my 6-Figure Trainer Course. It’ll change the way you see the world…and the way the world sees you.

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To Your Success,
Mike “former prisoner” Tangreda

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