How Covid can bring you more Personal Training clients

Are you a personal trainer looking for more personal training clients?

I was pretty fed up with personal training…

… back before I came up with In Home Trainer and started growing this business across North America.

In fact, I was feeling so desperate I was looking at job ads every day trying to figure something else out.

Eating away at me worst was a sense of utterly wasted time during what I call “the Dead Zone”…

… that period of time in the middle of the day where you have no clients (or very few).

From about 9 am til roughly 3 pm.

I usually had 2 or 3 clients early in the morning before they went to work…

Once a week I had a soccer mom at 10 am…

And for a while I had a sweet old lady coming 2x a week at 1 pm….

And then nothing.

… until the mad rush of back to back personal training clients crammed in from 4-9 pm.

I loved my clients but I was frustrated with being trapped at or nearby the gym for 12-14 hours every day…

Yet only being paid for around 8 hours.

Between you and me, it felt like I was wasting my life away.

The whole reason I got into personal training was because of my passion for fitness.

I’d seen the incredible impact it had made on my life and all the benefits that came from exercising and staying in shape…

And I wanted other people to have that too.

Other people who needed it and couldn’t figure it out on their own.

I’d considered making a career change…

… but I loved personal training and wasn’t ready to give it up.

Plus, I was a pretty damn good trainer!

So I was looking at job postings, hoping to find something to fill in my days.

But I quickly discovered there weren’t many part time jobs where you could just work 5 hours from 10-3.

If you’re not yet familiar with my story…

That’s when I started to ask…

Where are all the other people like my soccer mom and the sweet old lady?

And I realized most of them were at home during the day… and many had the disposable income for training.

So I got to work offering In Home Training…

And right away, it was blazingly obvious I’d tapped into a deep market largely ignored within our industry.

Eventually I figured out all the tricky stuff like lead generation, high converting sales presentations, legal documents, SEO…

It didn’t happen overnight (I’ve been at it since 1999)…

But after a while I was dominating the in home training game.

Which gave rise to my new passion…

Helping trainers who are in the same boat I was once in…

… stuck and struggling at a gym working painfully long hours for not enough pay.

That’s why, with the way things have gone down over the last 8 months…

It’s crucial I get through to you right now.

With the spread of COVID, there’s been a sharp decline in gym memberships and gym based PT contracts.

Every day I talk to trainers that are barely staying afloat… that have all but given up.

What they don’t realize is…

COVID has had the exact opposite effect on in home training.

With less people attending the gym and more people at home than ever before…

In Home Training has now become a white hot market.

With a tidal wave of anxious, house-bound prospects itching to start training at home.

Because of this tremendous increase in demand, it’s a perfect opportunity to rapidly grow your clientele.

The full turn-key system is already in place for you… 

… and there’s actually too much demand to fill.

Most likely (hopefully) we’ll never see a virus like this again…

Driving people away from public places and into their homes.

But there has never been a better time for in home training.

Don’t miss out on your chance to escape the broken “gym model”…

And start making $7,500+ a month training just 5 hrs per day (or more if you choose).

I want that for you, I really do.

Because I understand where you are right now…

And I know what a difference it made for me.

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My Top 3 Business Lessons For Personal Trainers

If I were to Start Over I would do this to get more personal training clients.

Last week one of my trainers asked me this.

Mike, If you were to start your business all over what would you do?

In a way I’m actually starting my business all over with inhometrainer’s expansion into the USA.

We are entering a much more competitive market, and there is a thing called Covid that still has a firm grip on most of the world.

My answer: 

The 3 most important things you can do to be successful in any business: 

1. Mindset.

When I hear a negative mindset creeping in on a client, then I know that they are exposing themselves to too much mainstream news, gossip of friends and family, or other junk. 

There ARE still gold mines out there… untapped and undiscovered. Capitulating to common perception…. is useless to your business and your bottom line.

Opportunities exist everywhere.

2. Constantly delegate the “$10 an hour tasks” in your life and operate like an Empire Builder.  
Be the Elon Musk of your business.

Would he cut his own grass, make edits to his website or spend an hour designing business cards?

Of course not, he’s Elon Musk.

Hack away at the unessential!

3. Buy Your Way In

How do you buy your way in?

When I first started to learn SEO, I would get frustrated that I wasn’t ranked number one for some of the highly competitive words of personal trainer and in-home personal trainer. 

So one day I decided I wanted to be number one for those keywords.

I searched businesses who were already ranking for those words.

If they had an email newsletter, I would ask them if I could purchase a solo add to their email.

If they accepted banner ads on their website I would ask them if I could purchase ads on their site.

If they had and article on that page, I would  try to see If I could get them to link back to my website.

When entering the USA ,I will follow many of these strategies to help us move quicker and faster online.

Of course I have a team in place that will help me get there quicker.  

Because remember this.

Great things in Business are never done by one person They’re done by a team of people.

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