4 amazing exercises to do at home with your trainer

Secrets of the in home personal trainers that come to your home

(4 easy calorie burning & toning exercises to do at home)

In-home personal trainers that come to your home always have a plan and know how to get the most out of you. In this post we are going to let you in on 4 amazing exercises that can work wonders. 

A lot of us have such busy lifestyles that we simply cannot fit in the gym every night to keep fit. Circumstances and commitments mean that hitting the gym at 5.30 every night isn’t convenient and not just that, we don’t quite fancy the hustle and bustle of a hot, crowded and sweaty gym anyway!

Why not embrace your home environment and indulge in 4 of our favourite calorie burning exercises you can do literally a few steps away from your couch!

We have the utmost confidence that you will not only enjoy these, but also burn some serious calories in the process. There’s no complex exercise routines to follow here or lots to look up, its all-basic moves for maximum effect. Let’s get started…


Skipping may seem a little old fashioned but it is greatly underestimated. Skipping is a fantastic cardio activity and works both your upper and lower body making it great for your heart function.  Skipping burns a lot of calories in a short amount of time. It is a lower impact activity than jogging and can be done inside your home if you have enough space or out in your garden or garage if you prefer.  You only have to skip for around 15-20 minutes a day to reap the benefits of this exercise. If you want to try and keep track of the amount of calories you burn with exercise then use this fantastic tool!

Progression: Have a shorter rest period, if you need a rest after a few minutes before you carry on to finish your 15-20 minute set over time try to lower your rest periods and increase your time.


We love the traditional push-up because it is a full body workout you can do literally anywhere in your home. A push-up works almost every muscle and body part from your hands to your biceps, triceps, shoulders and forearms to your whole back and abs. Moreover push-ups also work and strengthen your legs including your quads, calves and hamstrings. Push-ups will also help build your endurance and your ability to tackle more demanding exercises in the future.  Progression: Start with a good number a night for example 3 sets of 12 then increase this number every week to progress the exercise.

Dumbbell lunges

Most of you have heard of the lunge, which is a basic leg exercise but incorporating a pair of dumbbells into this move takes it to a new level. Lunges improve your balance, stabilization because they train one side of your body at a time. In home personal trainers that come to your home will show you the correct technique. Lunges also help your core stability and enhance your hip flexor flexibility. Aim for around 4 sets of 10 lunges. Dumbbell lunges are fantastic for building up the leg muscles and they give you a great workout. You can do them stationary or you can lunge around your front room, garden or even lunge around your house. Watch this video to check you’re doing it correctly.

Progression: Increase the amount of lunges you do in a set and use heavier dumbbells. 


Usually the first thing everyone wants when they begin exercising is a great set of abs; that dream washboard stomach! The beauty is this can certainly be achieved from home. Sit-ups are a great way to begin your journey to abs you can grate cheese on. They are a body resistance exercise and will over time enhance your cardiovascular fitness and endurance. Sit-ups enhance muscle growth of the abdominal area, back and hip flexors. Try completing 3 sets of 10 sit-ups and gradually increase each time you try.  Alternating between sit-ups and push-ups will give you a great workout!

Progressions: Hold a weight such as a dumbbell or a medicine ball. Ensure you breath out on your way up, as you will really feel the burn in your abs.

Now you no longer have to feel guilty about not going to the gym! Maximize your efforts with in home personal trainers that come to your home and progress your exercises over time, as this is the key to sustaining your calorie burning and building your dream physique. 

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